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Andrea Gross
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Andrea Gross, Certified Life Coach

Andrea Gross, Certified Life Coach make LASTING changes to live your BEST LIFE


Phone/FaceTime/Zoom One-on-One, group, couples coaching self esteem/fear/procrastination/confidence/anxiety/depression relationships/career/wellness This is a great time to focus on YOU and make LASTING changes to live your BEST LIFE. I am available for phone and virtual consultations Confidence/self esteem, relationship, career, changing mindset/perspective, tools for anxiety/depression


  • Established in 2009.
  • I started my Coaching business in 2009 and published my first book, When You're Ready, in 2012. While working with a Life Coach during my divorce I fell in love with the process and quickly became certified so I could help people move forward! Regardless of whether a client is looking for career, relationship, divorce, weight/wellness/lifestyle or any other kind of coaching- it always comes down to finding out why and where they are stuck so I can help them move forward (quickly) with confidence. I use my own tools such as the "flip it" approach to help clients focus on what they want, instead of putting energy into "what's wrong." Each and every client is different and each session is tailored towards their individual needs. I recently office and home visits for busy clients. All coaching sessions are by phone, in person or Factime/Skype.

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Andrea G.

Andrea Gross is an authentic, straight forward (from New York), and inspiring Certified Life Coach. Her compassionate and non-judgmental personality makes it easy for clients to open up to her. Her goal is to help people believe in themselves as opposed to just "thinking positive.”Using her unique "flip it" approach  clients are able to take the focus off what is wrong and redirect their energy to "what they want." Andrea has the ability to help people be more vulnerable and authentic which helps to relieve anxiety. Clients begin making progress after 1 or 2 sessions and continue moving forward quickly. Andrea goes over and beyond for her clients- staying in touch through emails and texts so they stay on track  between sessions. With Andrea, nothing is off the table, she has "heard it all" and plans on hearing a lot more! Andrea is more than a Certified Life Coach- she’s  also a Certified Lifestyle Coach. She specializes in one on one, young adults, couples and everything in between.


Available for phone and virtual consultations
Phone/FaceTime/Zoom One-on-One, group, couples coaching etc..
Tools for anxiety/depression
Relationship, career, changing mindset/perspective
Confidence/self esteem

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8 am - 9 pm
8 am - 9 pm
8 am - 9 pm
8 am - 9 pm
8 am - 6 pm
8 am - 6 pm
8 am - 6 pm

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Serving East Hampton, NY 11937 Area
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NY 11937


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