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Love and Light Reiki
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Love and Light Reiki

Love and Light Reiki Meditation Centers and Pain Management


We use a mixture of reiki, shamanic healing, & pranic healing. We practice chakra balancing & intuitive healings & readings. We use crystals, essential oils, mantras, sage, sweetgrass, and number of other tools during sessions. We specialize in a number of issues including: - Depression treatment - Anxiety & Stress Management - Women's infertility - PTSD (sexual assault, abuse in childhood, and combat) - Relationship difficulties - Healing after a breakup - Blocked Creativity We specialize in the following physical ailments: - Lyme disease - Cancer treatments - Pain management - Fibromyalgia - Fibroids - Gastrointestinal issues including IBS & IBD


  • Established in 2015.
  • 12 years ago I was diagnosed with migraines and had what appeared to be seizures. Western medicine was not able to help me, and I accidentally stumbled upon Reiki when I collapsed at a friend's house. When I came to, I was feeling better, and my friend told me that he was doing Reiki on me. It took some time, but I recovered to perfect health. When my sister became ill, I found that I was able to help her with her pain management and symptoms. After working on friends and family for a while, I understood my purpose, gift, and calling. This was the birth of my healing practice.

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Jessica B.

I was inspired to start my practice because of all the positive results it had in my life and the lives of my family and friends. When my sister became ill, I learned that I had a gift and I wanted to share it and help others.


Meditation Centers and Pain Management
Gender-neutral restrooms and Good For Kids
Practice chakra balancing & intuitive healings & readings
Use a mixture of reiki, shamanic healing, & pranic healing

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11 am - 8 pm
2 pm - 8 pm
2 pm - 8 pm
1 pm - 6 pm
3 pm - 8 pm

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141 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001
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NY 10001


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