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Sheldon Landa
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Sheldon Landa

Sheldon Landa


Please check out my You Tube video: "Invitation to piano students in New York City near the East Village. 10009" I'm especially good at teaching students how to improvise and create their own songs. I have a step by step approach that works very well. Also, my teaching style is great for adult beginners or adults who played a little in the past but discontinued for one reason or the other, and want to have the piano back in their life. I admire and encourage that attitude! I have a music degree in classical performance as well as many years in the world of blues/rock/jazz/funk jam band improvisational style. So, unlike most piano teachers, I actually have a lot of experience in both worlds (of being tied to the notes on the page and being free from them). Would you like to be able to play, and really understand the harmonic structure of some beautiful Chopin piece, and then jam on your own bluesy, jazzy, soulful version of the same piece? Rates: $50/75/100 for either 30/45/60 minutes.


  • Established in 2006.
  • Teaching piano is a gift. It not only allows others to realize their musical potential, but it allows me the time and energy to create my original music.

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Sheldon L.

Sheldon is an artist with a wide variety of professional experience. He's created original music for film, TV, video and done studio session work for numerous artists. He's played in a myriad of bands including Kindred Spirit, who toured the east coast opening for Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors in the mid nineties.

Kindred Spirit enjoyed the endorsement of and played with several NYC jam bands masters such as: God Street Wine, The Authority, Widespread Panic, The Worms, The Jono Manson Band, Milo Z, Xanax 25, The Dreyer Brothers, The Choosy Mothers, Government Mule, Spin Doctors, and Blues Traveler. Kindred Spirit featured Sheldon Landa with a very piano dominant sound in their jams, but maintained the classic, funky, bluesy, original rock sound.

As a certified Kung Fu instructor Mr. Landa brings a unique and holistic approach to bridging the gap between the mind and body through the piano.

He's currently involved with creating meditation/relaxation music and Light Painting.


Check out my You Tube video: "Invitation to piano students in New York City near the East Village. 10009"
Bike Parking & Open to All
harmonic structure of some beautiful Chopin piece.
Rates: $50/75/100 for either 30/45/60 minutes.
Jam on your own bluesy, jazzy, soulful version of the same piece

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11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 8 pm
11 am - 8 pm

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420 E 13th St New York, NY 10009
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NY 10009


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